The Most Important Attributes of a Business for Sale Listing

If you’re getting ready to sell your business, you’ve probably got a million things flying through your mind at any given moment. You want to get your business in the best possible shape, include all of the important details in your listing, get the absolute most value possible out of the sale, and limit your legal and financial liability once the sale is complete. The entire process can seem incredibly overwhelming for first-timers. Luckily, Tampa-area business owners have a secret weapon available to them to make sure their business sale goes smoothly: Tampa Business Broker.

Here at Tampa Business Broker Inc, we know what it takes to get top dollar from a business sale. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you prepare, make the sale, and follow through like pros, and we can help you too! Below, we list some of the most important attributes to include in your business listing. Include these items at a bare minimum in order to increase your chances of making a successful and profitable sale.


You may not want to advertise your business’ exact name and details, but potential buyers will need to know where your physical stores and buildings are located. Some buyers are only interested in certain geographic areas, so omitting location information automatically removes you from these buyers’ research lists. If maintaining location confidentiality is a priority, at least list the neighborhoods or streets.


We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true for business sales. Potential buyers will want to see every inch of the business and its operations. Take as many photos as possible, while respecting the privacy and confidentiality needs of your customers and clients, to display with your business listing. If there’s something unique or interesting about your business, be sure the photos tell that story! Some potential buyers only look at photos, so make sure that they’re the best ones possible.


You don’t have to include every single financial detail in the business listing, but key figures and reports such as balance sheets, statements of cash flow, and income statements should be readily available within the listing.

Descriptive Title

The title of your business for sale listing is your opportunity to catch a buyer’s attention away from other options and just focus on you. You need to include as much vital information as possible in the title without it being clunky or confusing. After reading the listing title, the potential buyer should know the type of business and its approximate location at a minimum.

Contact Information

It doesn’t matter what you put in a business for sale listing if there’s no contact information. When you use Tampa Business Broker Inc to help list and market your business, we’ll include our contact info in the listing and screen all requests for information, only passing along serious inquiries to you for consideration.

Elaborate Description

Not all potential buyers read the description when making initial decisions on businesses to consider for purchase, but the ones that do expect lots and lots of details. Don’t leave any stone unturned when describing your business in this listing area. You can link a property website if you feel like the amount of information is too much for the listing, but always give buyers the option to learn more!+

Sell Your Tampa-area Business Today

For the best odds at getting the price and terms you are looking for when selling your business, let the professionals at Tampa Business Broker Inc guide you every step of the way. We know exactly what Gulf coast business buyers are looking for and we keep up with all of the market trends, so you will never have to stress about forgetting some details and derailing the entire sale. Call us at (813) 548-5876 or contact us online to find out how we can make selling your business quick, easy, and lucrative today!