The Importance of Full Disclosure

Full DisclosureFull disclosure is a concept that is applied to many areas of life, including real estate, vehicle sales, and business deals. Providing full disclosure is seen as a trustworthy act, even if it is required by law in many places. Here at Tampa Business Brokers Inc, we encourage all parties to the deal to engage in the best practice of full disclosure. This prevents future problems, including cancellation of the sale or even a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Full disclosure on all issues, problems, needed repairs, etc. should be made during the discovery stage of the business sale. Full disclosures in business transactions often include the following four sections: (more…)

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How to Avoid a Negotiation Stalemate

negotiation stalemateNegotiation is an essential element of almost any business, yet few flourish in its practice. Successful negotiating can be the difference between a lucrative, thriving enterprise or shuttering your doors for good. Practicing a delicate balance of skill and art, tactful negotiators employ various strategies to get their desired outcome, but things don’t always go to plan. Stalemates happen, and when they do, it is important to know how to overcome them.

Here are a few techniques from our experts to break your negotiation out of a stalemate: (more…)

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How to Sell My Business the Right Way

Selling a house is hard enough, but selling a business can feel impossible. Though you know all about running your business, you know very little about selling it, especially for a profit. You mustn’t jump headfirst into the process until you learn more about what to do and what not to do. 

Don’t Sell On a Whim

It is essential to plan ahead and schedule to sell your business within a reasonable time frame. Going into your sale without preparation, or waiting too long to approve a buyer, can have many negative consequences. With a bit of long-term planning, you can be sure that all of your information, records, and paperwork are updated and prepared if you unexpectedly stumble upon the perfect buyer. 


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How a Business Broker Can Help You

Selling your own home without a real estate agent is difficult enough, but selling your business without professional help from a certified business broker is a recipe for disaster. Business sales involve tedious details and complex considerations unique to business transactions, and only a business broker can navigate those waters with ease. 

Whether you are beginning the process of selling your restaurant, club, retail store, or construction company, you need a business broker. Working with a business broker offers a highly effective way to find legitimate buyers and earn the most for your sale.  (more…)

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