About Tampa Business Broker

A Premier Business Brokerage Firm

Tampa Business Broker works with business owners and purchasers in a variety of industries such as food and beverage production, publishing, communications, transportation, retail, medical, education, sports, marketing, real estate, human resources, franchise resales, construction, entertainment and more. Launched in response to a need in the Tampa area for an experienced business broker who can help clients sell their businesses at fair market value while avoiding costly mistakes, Tampa Business Broker is owned and operated by former entrepreneurs who have created, sold and purchased businesses for themselves and therefore have a personal understanding of their clients’ concerns.

As experienced professionals who are attuned to the local and national markets, members of the TBB team bring a database of potential buyers to the table, compiled on the basis of carefully researched and thoroughly evaluated data.  With access to the tools that expedite an efficient, trouble-free transaction, TBB closes the sale for more profit and less expense than most clients could hope to effect on their own.

TBB is a boutique brokerage firm that is small enough to provide personalized service to each client yet large enough to be a tour de force when it comes to closing sales.  With expertise derived from more than 100 years of combined experience brokering business sales, TBB handles deals ranging from $50,000 to over $5 million.  No matter the value of the business, TBB focuses on giving each property the meticulous attention to detail and painstaking follow-up that get results.

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Working With A Broker

Selling Your Business

Tampa Business Broker recognizes that a good broker-client fit is a key to a successful business relationship. Once this is established, we move forward quickly and decisively to verify that a business is ready for the marketplace, to locate qualified, interested buyers and negotiate advantageous deals. Tampa Business Broker works hard to make each seller and buyer are a repeat client who trust our team to broker advantageous acquisitions and sales.

Selling a business can be an extended, nerve-wracking process without the help of a professional broker. Tampa Business Broker supplies the knowledge, experience and successful track record that give clients the extra edge necessary to bring about quicker transactions and optimum results.

To get top dollar for a business, clients must maintain operations at peak levels and preserve or enhance the value of their businesses up until the moment of sale. Tampa Business Broker takes care of the valuation, marketing and negotiations so clients can focus on what they do best – maintaining value.