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Tampa Business Brokers

is an established company serving the Tampa, FL. community. Our team of professional business brokers have a proven track record and a lengthy roster of satisfied clients, proving that our qualified brokers are highly capable of listing your business for sale, marketing it discreetly and successfully closing the sale. We can assure you that working with Tampa Business Brokers will make selling your business stress free and get you the most value for your company.

Sell Your Business The Easy Way

  • Find Qualified Buyers: Without the right help, it’s easy to get the runaround when trying to sell a business. Tampa Business Brokers has a vast database of qualified buyers in the Tampa area, so you can cut to the chase and sell your business quickly.
  • Get the Best Price: With our help, you can eliminate the risk of settling for less. Qualified brokers know how to market your business properly, which increases the odds of getting an excellent price. You built your company. Why sell yourself short?

Reasons To Hire Tampa Business Brokers

  • Proven Track Record: We’ve helped numerous local owners sell their companies quickly. People who would have otherwise waited for a long time have experienced amazing success with us. As an experienced Tampa business broker, we have the skills that are needed to produce exceptional results for you.
  • Knowledgeable Professionals: Every business advisor on our team is extremely knowledgeable and can guide you through the process of selling your company. These professionals know how busy you are too, and they will do the heavy lifting to make the process as smooth and easy as can be.
  • The Right Connections: When it comes to selling companies, having the right connections is crucial. If you’re going to offer your business for sale, you need to get it in front of the right people. TBB can make that happen.
  • Superior Service: At TBB, we’re not satisfied unless you are absolutely thrilled. Don’t sell you or your company short. Insist on superior service to get the best deal possible.

Choosing your broker

When choosing a broker, ask about the broker’s fees upfront and find out what you will get for your money. A broker may collect some seed money to cover the cost of an in-depth analysis but collecting a big check upon signing with the firm is not standard. Ask around several firms to get an idea of the standard signing rate.

Some brokers will try and build your hopes up by assuring you that your business is worth more than you could of imagined. The broker will be enthusiastic and full of promises. Some brokers may draw you in to hand over a check so they can begin working immediately. Unfortunately, some business owners have been burned when the “broker” disappears.

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Broker Selection

An organized, well-prepared broker will have a packet of materials to show you when you first get together. The packet should contain samples from past clients to help illustrate the kind of materials the broker can produce. If a broker shows up without visual aids make sure to exercise caution. Also, check online to try and see if the firm has a website. A firm with a website is one who has an online presence. A firm without a website may be lagging behind in terms of marketing, and if the firm does have a website look over it carefully for insight into its business philosophy and past performance.

Speaking with various brokers gives you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. Your broker should be able to impart this information clearly and without unnecessary jargon. When you ask about aspects of the process such as company valuation, the answers should be knowledgeable and specific. By speaking with several brokers, you will get a basis for comparing the acumen of each. Be wary of those who speak in vague terms or seem to be lacking in expertise. You need a sharp and articulate rep to get best results.