The Experienced Tampa Area Brokers

Availability, flexibility, and empathy are just three of the key components that make Tampa Business Brokers uniquely suited to selling businesses in the Tampa area. The many deals that the Tampa Business Brokers team has brokered over the years span such industries as manufacturing, retail, entertainment, food and medical.  Representing these and dozens of more sectors, Tampa Business Brokers has developed the expertise it takes to get the best price at the most agreeable terms for clients who seek to sell their businesses.

When clients contact Tampa Business Broker, they can rely on team members, to be honest about their sales prospects. Together, client and broker review the business. Tampa Business Broker advises clients in setting an objective asking price based on real-time local and national market data.

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Our Next Step

Once the seller signs a listing agreement, Tampa Business Brokers wastes no time in launching the business into the marketplace. Brokers utilize the latest technological tools to prepare a unique marketing campaign designed exclusively for each business client. With a professionally prepared, detailed business profile in hand, the broker consults Tampa Business Brokers extensive database to proactively identify buyers most likely to be interested in purchasing the business.

The Final Steps

ducks flying out of waterThe Tampa Business Brokers representative interviews prospective buyers to verify their financial ability to purchase the business.  Each buyer must sign a confidentiality agreement before Tampa Business Brokers shares sensitive information about any business.  The broker brings interested, qualified purchasers together with sellers to discuss the fine points of the operation.  Once the buyer has tendered a purchase offer, Tampa Business Brokers presents it to the seller and provides experienced, business savvy advice.  Upon acceptance, Tampa Business Brokers follows up to efficiently close the deal.

Tampa Business Brokers brokerage professionals also provide buyer representation for purchasers who seek to acquire a specific type of business that may or may not be currently offered for sale.  As a buyer’s agent, the broker actively searches for acquisitions that meet the buyer’s specifications and shares unadvertised “pocket listings” with clients who fit the appropriate purchaser profiles.  The Tampa Business Brokers team uses the latest technological and networking tools to find the right business for each buyer it represents.

Tampa Business Brokers offers free business value assessments to help entrepreneurs decide whether they are ready to sell.  The team provides the benefit of its experience and expertise via Tampa Business Brokers business buyer consulting services.

Restaurant/bar sales are a Tampa Business Brokers specialty, and the team has plenty of experience assisting owners and purchasers in this industry.  Brokers work with a network of business specialists, including liquor license experts, accountants, attorneys, and inventory counters, to make each sales process as stress-free as possible.