Solo Entrepreneur: You Can Still Sell Your Business

As a solo entrepreneur, you know that running a company doesn’t have to involve dozens of employees or multiple locations. You might run your business from your laptop at your kitchen table or a small office in the middle of the city, but it’s still your own company!

Many solo entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking it’s impossible to sell their businesses, but the truth is that you can sell your business with the right help and preparation. Use these tips to earn every dollar you deserve for your business.

Plan Ahead

In most cases, selling a business is not quick. You should expect your sale process to last anywhere from one to four years, depending on your situation. It’s vital that you plan ahead for the sale of your business in order to attract the best buyers and defend a high asking price. (more…)

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Why You Should Never Try to Sell a Business Without an Experienced Business Broker

Selling your own home without a real estate agent is difficult enough, but selling your business without professional help from a certified business broker is an intense and unique challenge. Whether you are beginning the process of selling your restaurant, club, retail store, construction company, or anything in between, working with a business broker is the single most effective way to find legitimate buyers and earn the most in your sale.

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How to Sell Your Restaurant or Bar That Is Losing Money

Owning and running a successful and profitable restaurant or bar is a difficult task. Even popular franchised restaurants and long-established bars experience financial setbacks that threaten their place in the industry. If your restaurant or bar is losing money, selling might be your best option. Just be sure to carefully map out your steps so your sale runs smoothly and secures as much money as possible.

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